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Restaurant YUZA

An experience that awakens all the senses
• 2023 •

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In the heart of Liptovský Mikuláš you will discover Yuza Restaurant, a charming restaurant, a trendy bar and a cozy cafe.

Yuza Restaurant is conveniently located on a busy corner near OC Centrál and boasts a stunning glass facade that offers a panoramic view of the center that surrounds it. Guests will surely be enchanted by the wonderful atmosphere and exciting energy that permeates every corner of this magical establishment.

Yuza restaurant

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We love food, just like you.

Every day you can choose from 5 meals of the day, cooked from fresh ingredients from local producers from domestic and international cuisine.

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Celebrations, family gatherings, annual events, employee parties, conferences and congresses. We can prepare the perfect meal according to your wishes for all your planned events.